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Web4Me produces an array of videos for many uses. They can be used as promotional materials, a way to efficiently showcase your product, and are brilliant at explaining complicated processes. Our videos save you time and money as they can be used to train staff members, describe technical descriptions, and are even a great way to introduce new employees to your business. We produce videos that will assist your organization in all that it does. Take a look at the types of animated videos we can create for your business.

Type of videos

Our clients have benefited by adding videos to their promotional material to generate leads, explain complicated processes or simply showcasing their products and services in an eye-catching way.

We have created videos for not only corporate/sales presentations, promotions and technical descriptions but also for improving the productivity of companies by improving training and reducing the time taken for it, ultimately resulting in cost reduction.

Videos Grouped by Animation

We like to keep it simple by using moving text to express information. There are no characters or complex ideas in a typography video, instead, it is straight to the point and clear to understand. 

Typography videos auckland

We will use moving text to express ideas using video animation. This text is presented over time in a manner intended to convey or evoke a particular idea or emotion. No human characters or other complex objects will be used.

Whiteboard animation video

Whiteboard animation is a video style that shows the viewer static images being drawn on the screen. Typically, the illustrations are accompanied by a narration that walks the audience through the story that is being told within the drawing. This style is effective for training videos especially when you need to explain complex processes or procedures and would like to use data to drive your message home.

A whiteboard video is an excellent way to tell your viewers a “story”. The audience is shown a static image that is drawn on the screen while being narrated simultaneously. This way the viewers are guided through the explanation. This type of video is perfect for training videos. 

2D Video


A 2D video is a great way to advertise your products and services or explain the precise features of your offering. A scene or scenario is depicted through the use of movement in a 2D space. Your brand will shine through as our videos include stunning backgrounds and crafted characters just for you.

 2D Video Services Auckland

It is the art of creating movement in a two-dimensional space. This includes characters and backgrounds. Typically, this is used when you need to promote your company or a product/service through a story or say, by depicting a scene or a scenario where it could be used. This will most probably reflect the real-life scenarios that the potential audience could encounter in their life. This will be helpful for advertising. It can also be used to explain the features of a product or service directly through character animation.

3D Video Auckland

In this case, three-dimensional computer models or objects are rapidly sequenced to create the illusion of lifelike motion. This type of animation is useful when we need to explain the detailed working of mechanical objects or even in medical scenarios. This will provide a highly realistic overview of the product/object and how it functions. We will require design files with exact measurements along with photos/videos and feature/function information to produce an effective 3D animation of objects. In case if these are not available, we can still look into it, however, there could be accompanying extra costs as well.

3D (3-Dimensional)

A three-dimensional video will make for a huge impact. Web4Me’s 3D videos have a lifelike and realistic feel to them. Our videos can effectively explain complicated medical scenarios and mechanical objects. We can even produce precise video design files displaying exactly how your product/service operates. All you have to do is provide us with specific measurements, photos/videos, and features.

Corporate video

Your company has some unique capabilities and you want to showcase them in the right way to your potential customers. How do you convey brief information about your products, services, experience, and expertise to your corporate clients in the shortest time available and get them interested? Our clients have realized that a corporate/sales presentation video can do wonders to project the right image and present yourself better to your corporate customers. Our clients have benefited from the corporate videos that we made for them. You too can!

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