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Video Ads for Social Media

This type of video is designed to get straight to the point and convey important information quickly. They are normally around 10-15 seconds long, although if you request it to be longer, we’ll be happy to do so. 

These videos can be sent across many social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even WhatsApp.

Sometimes it can be tricky to describe your business and product offering precisely and concisely. Our videos quickly explain your organization to your clients, and they can be used in conferences, exhibitions, and sales pitches. 

Your business, products, or services can be demonstrated with high-quality visuals and audio. All of your amazing features and product benefits can be clearly communicated. 

These videos will save your company a great amount of time. An induction video can train many employees on internal processes, policies, work expectations, and procedures. Your HR team’s workload will be greatly reduced as the new employee’s transition is smooth.

Health and safety videos are imperative in terms of legal requirements. This will also reduce time and effort spent on training employees, and most importantly the visuals will allow for a clear explanation of the regulations.

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