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Types of Videos We Produce

Web4Me produces many types of videos that are suited to an array of customer requirements and industries. Our team has an ample amount of experience in creating videos that can be used as promotional materials, a way to efficiently showcase your product, and explain complicated processes. Our videos save you time and money as they can be used to train staff members, describe technical processes, and are even a great way to onboard new employees to your business.

Typography video in auckland

Videos Grouped by Animation Style

Explainer Videos

Web4Me creates professional animated explainer videos in New Zealand to concisely convey your brand and products/services to grab your stakeholder’s attention. An explainer video utilizes a short-animated video as a medium for businesses to quickly tell their brands’ stories in a memorable way. The future of digital interchanges is a great deal more than just textual content. Online videos are turning into the medium of choice for users who are in need of quick information and who are increasingly reluctant to read through volumes of articles on any service or a product.


Whiteboard animation is a video style that shows the viewer static images being drawn on the screen. Typically, the illustrations are accompanied by a narration.

A whiteboard video is an excellent way to tell your viewers a “story”. The audience is shown a static image that is drawn on the screen while being narrated simultaneously. This way the viewers are guided through the explanation. This type of video is perfect for training videos

2D Videos

We design and produce premium 2D animated videos that accomplish your goals through powerful visuals and sound.

A two-dimensional (2D) video is a great way to advertise your products and services or explain the precise features of your offering. A scene or scenario is depicted through the use of movement in a 2D space.

Your brand will shine through as our videos include stunning backgrounds and crafted characters just for you.

3D Videos

We design and produce premium 3D animated videos that accomplish your goals through powerful visuals and sound in Auckland.

A three-dimensional (3D) video will make for a huge impact. Web4Me’s 3D videos have a lifelike and realistic feel to them. Our videos can effectively explain complicated medical scenarios and mechanical objects. 

We can even produce precise video design files displaying exactly how your product/service operates. All you have to do is provide us with specific measurements, photos/videos, and features. 


Our simple typography animated videos clearly communicate your message through the use of moving text.

We like to keep it simple by using moving text to express information.

There are no characters or complex ideas in a typography video, instead, it is straight to the point and clear to understand. 

Corporate video

Your company has some unique capabilities and you want to showcase them in the right way to your potential customers. How do you convey brief information about your products, services, experience, and expertise to your corporate clients in the shortest time available and get them interested? Our clients have realized that a corporate/sales presentation video can do wonders to project the right image and present yourself better to your corporate customers. Our clients have benefited from the corporate videos that we made for them. You too can!

Explainer Video Production in New Zealand

Who Needs Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are great for landing pages, your website's homepage, or even for product pages.

Boost your conversion rates:

When you are looking to increase your conversion rates, these are the best videos to use. After all, they are both simple and engaging, which is perfect to drive sales.

Reduce bounce rates:

If you are noticing a high bounce rate on your website, an explainer video may be what you need. With this short video, you may show your audience that you're the right company to do business with.

Increase brand awareness:

No matter if you're new in the market or have a long history already, increasing brand awareness it's always something that should be on your mind.

Who Needs Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard videos are incredibly popular for many different reasons:

- They are both useful and fun

- They can grab viewer's attention for a longer time

- They can easily turn a dull or complex topic into a compelling one

- They are usually more cost-effective than other types of videos.

Overall speaking, whiteboard videos can be used for both marketing and educational purposes. This means that you may find this type of video useful if you are:

- A B2B marketer

- If you are in the healthcare, tech, or financial industry

- Trying to educate your audience

- A nonprofit organization

- If you have a breakthrough idea.

Who Needs 2D Videos

2D videos are one of the best ways that you have to show the essence of your brand in a friendly way. With our animations, we create a vivid experience that allows you not only to connect with clients but also keeps them engaged for a longer time.

2D videos can be used for many different purposes:

- Easily explain your business model

- Show more about your company

- Build a trustworthy relationship with your clients

- show more details about your products.

Who Needs Typography Videos

With the increase of mobile users, typography videos are becoming more and more popular. You probably already noticed that most websites mute videos when they are accessed by smartphones. While this can be a problem for other types of videos, your visitors will still be able to watch a typography video, even with the sound off.

This type of video is perfect for individuals or companies who are looking to get their message across even if people are opting for soundless viewing. But they are not the only ones. In fact, if you are recording a speech, using animated text can definitely elevate its motivational impact.

Who Needs Corporate Videos

If you're not sure whether you need the corporate video or not, you need to realize that we are in the digital age. This means that the video is the perfect tool no matter if you are looking to persuade buyers to act or if you're just looking to inspire Their audience.

Corporate videos are a great way to:

- increase conversions

- show product features

- drive traffic to your website

- improve brand awareness

- assist with sales and marketing

- visualize an idea

- show how to do something

- increase your search engine rankings

- show off a happy customer.

Who Needs Business Videos

Business videos can be used for many different things. Depending on your goal, they may be bigger or smaller.

Here are some different business videos that you can consider:

Product videos:

These are usually used to show the product's features and benefits. You may also want to include how the product works.

In case you just upgraded a product, it may also be a good idea to create a business with you to let your current customers know about it.

Internal training videos:

Regular training it's crucial to ensure that your employees know everything they need to do. While there are many different types of training, using videos may be more productive. After all, your employees can watch them when they can.

Testimonial videos:

As a business owner, we don't have to tell you about the power of testimonial videos. After all, more and more people are making divine decisions based on the opinions of others.

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Best Explainer videos
Explainer Videos Work

Best Benefits of Web4Me Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a short, concise, and impactful video that highlights your brand’s image and message. It’s extremely versatile and can be used to explain who your organization is, what you do and which products/services you provide, or how to use your product. An explainer video is a brilliant way to reach your stakeholders and successfully depict your brand on many social media platforms.

We produce excellent explainer videos with top-quality visuals, sound, and a creative script. We utilise our expertise to ensure that your brand is communicated in an impactful and memorable way to attract clients.

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