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What are Explainer Videos?

Let’s face it, we live in a fast-paced world. We want answers instantly and we definitely don’t want to sift through tons of information. Explainer videos are designed to easily convey your brand’s message with an impact. The explainer video is basically a short animated film that memorably tells your brand’s story. It’s an incredibly efficient and successful method to relay your message accurately with great audio and visuals. 

Explainer Videos New Zealand

What Our Explainer Videos Do for You!

Our explainer videos are excellent at highlighting your product/service and organization compellingly. Web4Me’s production and expertise are unparalleled when it comes to designing and crafting the perfect video. Explainer videos are so versatile, they can be placed on your homepage to introduce your brand, they can be used for marketing purposes and posted on social media. Check out why our explainer videos are beneficial to you. 

The Benefits of Our Explainer Videos

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Increase Web Traffic

Videos drive traffic to your website. The amazing thing about this medium is that it can be shared across multiple digital platforms which opens your brand and site up to many potential visitors. 

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Competitive Pricing

Web4Me charges competitive rates for a quality video produced by our team of experts. Explainer videos render a great return on investment.

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Improve Your Ranking on Google

An explainer video will draw in more visitors to your website, this will ultimately improve your ranking. The brilliant visuals engage an audience and keep them active on your site for longer.

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Clearly Demonstrate Your Product

Your potential customers don’t want to sift through information to gain an understanding of your product offering. Our explainer videos engage the audience with an easy to comprehend explanation of the product or service

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Audience Retains More Information

Video is powerful with the combination of audio and visuals it ignites the senses making for an impactful and memorable experience. Visitors to your site will easily remember information shared in the explainer video.

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Liven up Your Sales Pitch

PowerPoints have become the new norm; they don’t excite an audience anymore. Video can liven up your presentation and engage the audience. Our videos are eye-catching, entertaining, and memorable; making for the perfect sales pitch

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Drum Up Interest

Our explainer video draws customers to your website and generates interest around who you are and what you do. A video is compelling and converts a simple visitor into a client. 

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Show Your Brand’s Personality

Communicating your brand’s personality is the first step to forging a long-lasting relationship with your customers. A video can clearly convey the essence of your brand and develop a connection with the viewer. 

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Increase Conversion Rates

Visitors to your website or social media page will only do business with your organization if they actually understand what your company is about. Web4Me’s explainer video quickly tells buyers all they need to know about your business

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Greater Reach

The versatility of our explainer videos cannot be underestimated. It’s perfect for your home page, social media pages, and marketing presentations. It can be shared across many platforms which reaches more potential customers. 

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Increase Web Traffic

An impactful and engaging video can draw a great amount of visitors to your site. It has the ability to be shared across a number of social media platforms which can drive traffic to your website. Visits to your website create interest around your brand and product, as well as generate sales. The best part about Web4Me’s videos is that it drums up positive brand awareness and makes a great impression. When a stakeholder watches a top-class video, they develop an overall positive image of your organization. Our video is an amazing way to introduce potential clients to your business.

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Competitive Pricing

Web4Me is completely customer-centric which is why our prices are super competitive. Not only does this benefit your budget but your return on investment (ROI) too. Our high-quality visuals, sound, and great expertise allow us to produce incredibly impactful videos, which draw in stakeholders and generate leads. We specialise in crafting top-notch videos in New Zealand that will truly benefit your brand. Web4Me produces videos at affordable rates without compromising on quality, so our clients can be assured that they get a great ROI. 

Google Ranking

Improve Your Ranking on Google

A website with a top-quality video can greatly boost a site’s SEO which is imperative to improving the website’s Google ranking. Our video’s ability to attract and engage an audience is unparalleled. We produce premium quality videos that effectively communicate your product and brand messages to a viewer. A video can also be used on various social media platforms which increases its ranking. The more visits to your site the better your Google ranking. 

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Clearly Demonstrate Your Product

Clients or visitors to your website don’t have time to read through tons of text to understand your product. Another problem is that text can be interpreted differently by each individual. Web4Me creates explainer videos that concisely depict exactly what your product/service is and how your brand benefits your client. Our videos communicate all the incredible features and benefits that your product/service provides your customers. We ensure that our explainer videos accomplish your goals and have a true impact on your business.

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Audience Retains More Information

Human beings retain more of what they see than what they hear, and when you combine both sound and visuals in a video, they retain a great amount. Web4Me designs its videos around one of the most basic and important needs of organizations; to be remembered. We craft memorable and impactful explainer videos that boost your brand’s image and reputation. A memorable brand also attracts more customers and develops long-term client relationships. 

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Liven Up Your Sales Pitch

A top-quality video with premium visuals and sounds leaves a long-lasting impact and it adds that bit of excitement to your presentation and sales pitch. It’s imperative that your audience is engaged and actually enjoying your pitch to generate sales. No matter how complex your product/service or concept explained in your pitch is, we develop an easily understood and unique explainer video. We harness our expertise to create a video that accomplishes your goals and aims during your pitch. Web4Me understands your needs, so we ensure that your video is eye-catching, attention-grabbing, and sales-generating. 

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Drum Up Interest

Our compelling explainer videos create interest in your brand and business. We craft exciting, top-class, and informative explainer videos that increase web traffic and sales.

Our explainer videos are easily shared across multiple platforms which drum up interest amongst viewers and is seen by many potential clients. We make sure that our explainer videos are not mundane but truly capture a stakeholder’s attention and attract an audience to your website. 

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Show Your Brand’s Personality

Web4Me understands that each of our clients is unique, and their brand has a specific look and feel to it. We produce an explainer video that captures the essence of your brand.Brand identity and personality are imperative to creating a long-term relationship with your stakeholders. It’s vital in today’s digital world that businesses are able to forge a connection with their clients to build up trust. We make sure to craft explainer videos that not only display your products/services in a positive light but depict your brand clearly. It’s the best way to boost your image and make an impact. 

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Increase Conversion Rates

Our explainer videos demonstrate your product and service clearly through the use of amazing visuals, sound, and scripts. We make sure that all of the product features and benefits are emphasised. Once a client understands what your product is, how it works and the value it will add to their life, they are more likely to purchase it. Web4Me makes sure that your videos are compelling and concise. Our professional team utilises their expertise to create a video that generates sales and converts a visitor to your site into a repeat customer. 

Greater Reach

The best part about an explainer video is its versatility. A video doesn’t merely have to remain on your website but can be uploaded and linked to various social media sites. We design our videos for multiple platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.The more exposure your video gains and the more platforms it is available on the greater reach your brand will have. The message contained in the video can reach many clients and stakeholders who may be present on different social media sites. This will also improve the SEO of your webpage and Google ranking.